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Thoroughbred Park Proposed Territory Plan Variation


The Vision

Thoroughbred Park will be developed to provide a financially sustainable Thoroughbred Racing Industry in the ACT on a site that is recognised as a modern racing and entertainment precinct with the capacity to provide for the expansion and growth of Thoroughbred Racing in the ACT.


The Project

The Canberra Racing Club is seeking a Territory Plan Variation process. This is proposed to change the zoning of some underutilised land at Thoroughbred Park for a possible range of complementary uses such as commercial, commercial accommodation and residential uses.

The preparation of a planning study in accordance with the ACT Government’s scoping requirements is currently underway which will assess the proposed rezoning and concept precinct plans against the ACT’s Strategic Planning Context and the suitability of the site for rezoning.

The proposal is NOT for a development at this stage, but only for a change to the Territory Plan zones.


Our concept precinct plan is a very high-level assessment used to provide expected upper limits for things like dwellings and commercial spaces. It should be thought of as a starting point for future planning for the site and to start the conversation on what should be thought about with any potential future development.

The site is located at 2-36 Randwick Road, Lyneham and is approximately 640,000m² in area. The site is bordered by Randwick Road to the west, the Barton Highway to the south and Sullivan’s Creek storm water network to the east. The site contains a mixture of built forms including, administration buildings, grandstands, stables, storage sheds and other supplementary equine support facilities.

The site is in close proximity to Exhibition Park and the future development sites at the Kamberra Winery and Yowani Golf Course. The site is close to a new light rail stop at the intersection of Randwick Road and Flemington Road.

Proposed zoning change

We are proposing a change to the zoning of the development areas to CZ5 to allow Mixed use Commercial Development to the north east of the site, and a High Density Residential Outcome for the southwest portion of the site. These zones will allow potential future development to include uses such as, non-retail commercial, a wide range of affordable housing options, residential aged care and some ancillary ground floor commercial where appropriate. We note that the proposed zones and uses are subject to change with the planning investigation and will be detailed in the final planning study.


The proposed territory plan variation would facilitate building heights up to six storeys for residential purpose and 8 storeys for commercial purpose. Building heights will range across the proposed High Density Residential Area from three storey to six storey. At its closest extent (Precinct 5 of the Concept Precinct Plan), the development is approximately 300m from the suburb of Downer. Please click on the below images to have a closer look at the concept precinct plan and Proposed Zoning Plan. We welcome your feedback on the concept.


We would appreciate any feedback on the concept precinct plan, the proposed plan for rezoning and potential for future development and any great ideas you may have for us to consider in the planning study and for future development at this site.

What would you like to see included in future development?