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Tucker and Lottie an instant match

Picked up from Team Thoroughbred NSW, Tucker has found a loving home with ACT resident Lottie Bull. The six-year-old who raced as Succendam is a lovely grey who now resides at the Canberra Equestrian Centre.

Lottie has only known her new best friend for a matter of weeks but already a strong bond has been built.

“He always has a little whinny for me when I arrive and it’s hard to describe the specially loved feeling you get when he comes cantering down to see you – nothing to do with the apple slices in my pocket of course!” Lottie said.

“There is something especially rewarding about the fact that I am getting to give Tucker a ‘Second life’ after racing.”

While thrilled to provide a life after racing for Tucker, he too brings Lottie a great deal of happiness.

“Tucker has brought me so much joy in the few weeks I have had him. He’s a quirky boy on the ground, who loves nothing more than to play in the paddock with his mates, and his joie de vivre sometimes gets the better of him, but under saddle he is as good as gold.”

Lottie is happy with Tucker’s progress since coming under her care and plans to eventually take him eventing.

“Thoroughbreds have such incredible work ethic and are so quick to learn.”

“We are currently training on trails to build strength and doing some low-level schooling to teach Tucker about working through from behind into a contact and staying in front of my leg. The plan is, ultimately, to go eventing – he’s already shown a real talent for it over logs on the XC course.”

“I can’t help but feel that I’ve hit the jackpot with this horse and I can’t wait to see what the future holds with our partnership.”