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Thoroughbred Park's support of ACT Show Jumping - NSW Country Championships

By Suzy Jarratt - Thoroughbred Sport Horse Association

Thoroughbred Park, Lyneham, is home to the Canberra Racing Club. It holds twenty-five meetings a year, boasts a function and convention centre and is just five minutes from the heart of the city.

Only fifteen minutes away at Yarralumla, is Equestrian Park, the competition site of the ACT Show Jumping Club. This long-established club recently hosted the NSW Country Championships including the Thoroughbred Sport Horse Association classes sponsored by Thoroughbred Park. Its Equine Welfare Officer, Chris Polglase, explains how and why Thoroughbred Park became involved:

“Canberra Racing Club was initially contacted by Nicole Poetsch, who handles the Thoroughbred Sport Horse Association’s (TSHA) Administration and Licences. Once we were aware of the great work done by TSHA we were keen to get involved.”

Thoroughbred Park went on to sponsor the 1.10m Group 2 and the 1.20m Group 1 events at the Country Championships.

Chris adds that the Canberra Racing Club is dedicated to ensuring every Thoroughbred finds a quality home after leaving the industry.  “The Club is committed to following Thoroughbreds beyond their racing careers and the TSHA gives us the opportunity to see them continuing to enjoy a happy, healthy life with new owners who have recognised their versatility.”

Although he is not a rider Chris appreciates the breed’s talents. “The Thoroughbred is an athletic, trainable and versatile animal,” he says.  “It’s easy to see why people look at them as equestrian prospects.”

His role as Equine Welfare Officer involves investigation of equine incidents or near-miss events occurring at Thoroughbred Park. “As well as assisting with the development and alteration of policies surrounding equine activities with a focus on safety and welfare.”

And will Thoroughbred Park be focussing on sponsoring more events?

“Given our shared objective to support Thoroughbreds after racing we certainly are open to be involved in further events and partnering with TSHA in the near future.”