Media accreditation

Media accreditation with the Canberra Racing Club is open to all current working media. During the Canberra racing season, Thoroughbred Park, Canberra Racing Club requires media organisations to submit an application outlining attendance needs.

Please note: Media are not permitted to enter the Mounting Yard under COVID-19 conditions.

Please note: Requests for Media passes will not be accepted on the day of or in the week leading up to a major race day under no circumstances.

Media accreditation form and conditions

General rules and regulations

Media accreditation passes will be issued in the name of the relevant company and it will be issued to the Editor/Manager. The Editor/Manager will be responsible for the distribution of the Media accreditation passes to his/her relevant staff. Accreditation is not transferable to any other organisation. Access to members’ areas and/or functions are at the Club’s discretion and pre-approval is necessary. Media accreditation passes must be displayed at all times. Directions from security personnel and Club officials must be adhered to at all times. Media are not to enter any function rooms without the prior approval of the CEO. If Mounting Yard access is required then media must undergo a briefing on horse safety awareness by the Club’s Safety Officer.


Betting Ring

Photographers and film crews may only take general vision pictures; no vision may be taken of an individual transacting a wager or receiving money.



Photographers must be respectful of all patrons.


Mounting Yard

All media must remain behind the designated barriers, pre and post races.

Mounting Yard access is only issued to approved working journalists.

Mobile telephones may not be turned on or used in the Mounting Yard.

Media granted access to the Mounting Yard must dress neatly.

Media must wear personal protective equipment (PPE). The minimum acceptable PPE is fully covered shoes and a high visibility vest.


Dress Code

Media must adhere to the following dress code:

Approved photographers must wear an identification vest at all times. The vests can only be collected from the Administration Office on the relevant race day. Media not wearing an identification vest will be required to collect one from the Administration Office.


Breach of Media Accreditation Rules

All accredited media and photographers must obey directions given by any Security personnel or Club officials. Non-compliance with directions will result in instant revocation of accreditation.


Car Parking

Approved applicants will have access to the members’ car park upon presentation of current Media Card.

No vehicle entry into the course will be permitted.


Media Accreditation Passes

The Editor/Manager will be informed when the Media Accreditation application is approved following which passes must be collected from the Administration Office prior to the date of the event.