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Further Update on COVID-19 Exclusions for Race Meetings at Thoroughbred Park

In consultation with Racing NSW stewards, the Canberra Racing Club wishes to advise updates to COVID-19 border restrictions made by ACT Government relevant to travelling participants and patrons. The ACT Government has lifted hotspot declarations on all local government areas except for Cumberland and consequently, participants travelling from previously excluded areas such as Rosehill Gardens and Wawrick Farm are now allowed to enter the ACT and Thoroughbred Park. This update also allows local participants to travel their horses to Sydney freely.

Anyone who has entered Cumberland LGA, ACT residents included, are still require to quarantine for 14 days when entering the ACT and are therefore excluded from attending race meetings at Thoroughbred Park.

For more information, please contact Ms Amy Squires, Canberra Racing Club Chief Operating Officer, by phone on (02) 6204 0000 or visit the official ACT COVID-19 website at: