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Flu Vaccinations

Today 87 people at Thoroughbred Park were provided the Influenza Vaccine in the interest of minimising illness and the impact on health services in the coming months. The Canberra Racing Club arranged this on behalf of the staff of the Club and also provided the opportunity for tenants and the stables within Thoroughbred Park. This initiative was directly implemented to assist The Club’s main aim during the COVID 19 crisis to protect the health and safety of our Staff and Racing Industry participants. It was great to see everyone from the CEO to Trainers and Stable Hands came together to help achieve this great result.

At the Canberra Racing Club we endeavor to minimise the spread of COVID-19 within our community by engaging in best practices. As such Staff and Stable Employees are advised to stay away from work if experiencing cold and flu symptoms and to seek medical advice if symptoms persist, become severe or are indicative of COVID-19. As such todays vaccines will assist the ACT Racing Industry to continue to function during the COVID-19 Pandemic.