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Canberra Racing Club stands strong on its role as a force for good in Canberra’s future

A not-for-profit community Club, the Canberra Racing Club (CRC), is in the advanced stages of its master plan which includes over 3,200 homes, build-to-rent social housing, commercial uses and a vibrant racing and entertainment precinct for Canberra’s future. 

As announced by the ACT Government earlier this month, the Thoroughbred Park Housing and Revitalisation Steering Committee which is made up of the CRC, numerous government agencies and other stakeholders, will guide the master plan to maximise community benefit consistent with the Territory’s District Strategy for the Inner North and City.

The master planning process has included technical reports including environmental, cultural, site services, ground conditions, flora and fauna, flooding and waterflows, services and integration with neighbouring sites and in particular, EPIC. 

CRC is responding to the urgent need for new homes and strongly believes it is not in the community’s interest to abandon CRC’s advanced master plan, developed over 5-years at significant cost, to pursue the ACT Greens ideologically charged concept plan which is quite clearly in its infancy, and which would be funded by the ACT tax payer. 

Canberra Racing Club Chief Executive Officer Darren Pearce said, “The Greens quote the urgency of the need for housing supply, and we agree. There is no greater harm than that of time wasted; so why would we abandon a plan in the home straight for one that hasn’t left the barriers?”

“The ACT Greens concept plan has not properly considered the precinct where we have toiled since 1961, is not supported by technical studies or statutory consultation and has no lived experience on our precinct.”

“The first rule of development is to build what the community needs. As such CRC’s master plan is in no way focused on luxury apartments as repeatedly referenced incorrectly by the ACT Greens. This deceptive language is clearly a political ploy to bounce around the ACT Green’s echo chamber.”

“Today’s media release by the ACT Greens clearly an attempt at a political strategy to differentiate themselves from the other political parties ahead of the election without regard for those they hurt.”

As a not-for-profit community Club, any surplus profit made through the master plan, which is in advanced stages, can only be to the benefit of our sport, Club and community. 

The Thoroughbred Racing industry generates over $80m in value to the ACT economy per annum and is responsible for employing over 500 Canberrans.

Thoroughbred Park is a valuable community contributor which provides social cohesion, connectivity and a place for Canberrans to play. 

Thoroughbred Park is a 365-days a year events business of which racing is only a part. CRC hosts wonderful community events like the Canberra Festival of Speed, Special Kids Christmas Party and ACT Sustainability Expo amongst many others. 

Canberra Festival of Speed Co-Director Peter Bakavgas said, “I couldn’t begin to tell you how supportive the Canberra Racing Club has been to partner with to bring the Canberra Festival of Speed to life for our community.”

“They’ve invested in us as two young Canberrans who wanted to create something special for our community.”

“To take this away would be a crime on Canberra’s event loving public.”

CRC is grateful for the Thoroughbred Park Housing and Revitalisation Steering Committee and looks forward to working collaboratively to maximise community benefit in the shortest possible time. 

You can find a fact sheet here.