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Burnt Patch's new patch of land

Far from a star on the race track, Burnt Patch was the winner of just one race from 20 starts. Trainers Barbara Joseph, Paul & Matt Jones made the call to retire the then four-year-old and find him a suitable home in June of this year. Luckily for them, it was an easy process as Emily Kendall had been eyeing off the handsome gelding for a while.

Emily Kendall operates Sheany Park Performance Horse Centre, a Thoroughbred re-training centre in Cobbity, about 10 minutes from Camden.

Burnt Patch had caught Emily’s attention while keeping up to date with Joseph Jones Racing’s social media pages.

“I fell in love straight away.” Emily said. “I had a horse who I loved very, very dearly that I lost about two years ago. When I first saw Burnt Patch I thought he was the spitting image.”

“When I saw that he was retiring, I threw my hand up straight away.”

Sheany Park specialises in re-training Thoroughbreds in disciplines such as eventing and dressage which is where the future lay for Burnt Patch. But Emily is in no rush with the son of Choisir.

“He retired back in June but we haven’t done anything with him yet.” Emily said.

“He’s just been relaxing in the paddock and will be until just before Christmas. Our property has been flooded 4 times this year so that hasn’t helped.”

Burnt Patch seems to attract natural disasters. Having been known as Patch as a young horse, his owners suggested the race name ‘Burnt Patch’ after their home was destroyed in the 2019 Mallacoota fires.  

A happy life, free of too many more natural disasters, and a successful eventing and dressage career is what Emily Kendall hopes to provide her new friend, Burnt Patch.