The little son that could

A chance love affair between a 2yo colt, who jumped the paddock fence for a romantic liaison resulted in Robert Potter’s runner in the John McGrath Auto Group 1200 B64 Handicap to be born late November in 2011.  The sire, Best as Zariz, has since been gelded hence the name for the 5 year old starter, One Son.

It has taken some time for Potter to work the horse out. “He is very highly strung, walks the box, gallops around in the yard until he sleeps”.  “It took me a while to work out a training regime to suit, his previous workouts were too strenuous on the horse, he is only little, standing at 15hh, and was using up all of his energy, so come race time he wasn’t at his peak, it was a process of elimination” Potter said.

Now One Son’s regime is a swim a couple of times a week and a gallop a week prior to race day to blow out the cobwebs.  “Any more than that and it’s too much, he does his own thing and works himself up.  We have to feed him double to keep his condition” he laughs.

With Canberra being a favoured track, down in weights with Matthew Cahill on board and an ideal barrier gate, his past form could see him salute.

“He prefers Canberra, it’s his pet distance and has shown a bit of ability.  He is definitely a “less work, more pay” horse.