Cocktail party the jewel event in lead up to Opal

Owners of racehorses and Mercedes-Benz vehicles will be among Canberra’s whose who at one of the upcoming pre-celebrations of Canberra racing’s event of the year.

On Thursday evening from 6pm to 8pm the elite Mercedes-Benz showroom in Fyshwick will celebrate the impending Black Opal Stakes with a lavish cocktail party. Among the guests will include recently named sponsors from Singapore Airlines and Canberra Casino as well as of cials, racing ambassadors and socialites.

The $5000 trophy and black opal pendant will be on display in the showroom throughout the evening.

As one of several events planned for the next week, the cocktail
party is the rst of several events which include next Friday 3 March Thoroughbred Club of Australia – Canberra Branch luncheon with John Singleton con rmed as guest speaker.

Media are also invited from 3:30pm to inspect the Wolf Blass Deck marquee. The marquee now in it’s 4th year is arguably the best marquee experience in Canberra, with thousands of dollars spent on the design and style that takes months in the preparation. The Deck marquee has been sold out since late January.