Fashion on the field Criteria

There are a few basic principles you must abide by in order to be eligible for our Race Day Awards.

There are some great prizes on offer for this year's Fashion on the Field competitions.


  1. Style and originality; 
  2. Appropriateness of outfit for the race day. 
  3. Attention to detail of accessories;
  4. No denim or moleskins however we do understand trans-seasonal trends and weather;
  5. A predominance of exposed skin is not classed as Classic Race wear;
  6. Ladies Classic Racewear hats or fascinators ARE ESSENTIAL TO MEET THE CRITERIA OF CLASSIC LADIES FASHION;
  7. Classic Men's Racewear jacket and tie essential. You should consider a hat or lapel flower. Matching cufflinks, hanker-chief and tie are always beneficial. The official flower of the Melbourne Cup is a yellow rose and the John McGrath Auto Group Black Opal Stakes day is the pink rose;
  8. Understanding and interpretation of current fashion and trans-seasonal trends;
  9. Grooming and Deportment;
  10. Suitability of the outfit;
  11. Outfit and/or any accessories must not have placed in another fashions on the field competition in the last 12 months; and
  12. To be eligible to enter you must be over 18 years of age.


This competition is for the major prizes.

Glamour, style and key accessories are some important facets to include in your outfit, however some advice to consider for entering the Classic Ladies Fashion catagory include:-

  • Do your research.   The internet is a valuable tool to see who is winning competitions around the country.

  • Visit or google search under Fashions on the Field

  • Check out the magazines for spring and autumn racing

  • Create your own hat or visit a Milliner for an original piece.

  • Leave your nightclub outfit at home - this includes short dresses and low cut tops - be comfortable at the races!