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 These are issued to each member annually on payment of subscriptions, which are due on 1 July.  Each member receives one badge only.  Members may purchase Guest Card. 

In accordance with the club's Constitution a committee member candidate "....must be a financial member of the club for at least 12 months immediately prior to the time of nomination" and must comply with all other terms in the constitution..

For further information contact the Club on (02) 6204 0000.

In accordance with the Club's Constitution 37(d)  "A member, other than life members, is not entitled to vote at any general meeting of the Club unless:-

  (i)   The member had paid the amount of the annual membership subscription payable in respect of the then current financial year on or before 31 August of the current financial year; and

  (ii)  The member has held continuous membership for at least 12 months immediatley prior to the occasion on which it is proposed that the member might vote; and      

  (iii)  Any other moneys due and payable by a member to the Club has been paid to the Club within 28 days of that money becoming due and payable."

Please note that dress regulations for admittance to the members reserve and Queen Elizabeth Stand are as follows: Badge and ticket holders are expected to maintain a suitable dress standard in keeping with the dignity of the stand. Gentlemen’s standard is neat casual dress, with collared shirt unless worn under a sports coat and appropriate footwear. Thongs, shorts, running shoes and singlets are unacceptable (dress jeans allowed). Women’s standard is neat and casual.

NOTE : Windcheaters, parkas, tracksuit tops, thongs, sneakers or running shoes are not considered a suitable standard. Notwithstanding the above, the Club reserves the right to exercise discretion regarding dress.


  • Upon taking the option of a 3-year membership, no member is entitled to a refund under any circumstances for the duration of the 3 year membership
  • Member’s Guest cards may only be purchased with the discount option at the time the 3-year membership option is taken up and can’t be purchased mid-term.
  • A Full member who turns 60 years of age mid-way through the 3 year period is based on the Full membership and Member’s Guest fee and no monies will be reimbursed

Please note that we do not pro-rata Club memberships.  Club membership runs from July to June each year.